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So we ran a poll some time back on Twitter to see how people share blog posts on Social Media. The options were
  • Open the post, copy the link and share on Social Media
  • Open the post, click on the Social Share buttons and share on Social Media
The results weren't quite different from what we thought. Most of the people - close to 70% - of the response were for the option 3 - Open the Post, Copy the URL & Share. That's completely fine if you are sharing only one post, but what if you want to share 5-10 posts at a time ? You surely can't be copy pasting URLs ! Keeping that in mind, we present to you Blogzzy. 

Blogzzy - Your Blog Buddy

Be smart and use Blogzzy - the fastest way to share your blog posts. No more copy pasting of post links or opening of blog posts and clicking on those share buttons to share your posts on Social Media. Blogzzy is an app for the Bloggers by a Blogger.

Quick Setup 

Blogzzy is a sitemap based app that requires minimal setup. Just key in your blog's sitemap url and that's it ! Blogzzy will list out all your blog posts you've written till date !

Fastest Way to Share Blog Posts

Unlike the old way of copying post links from browser to social media accounts, Blogzzy crawls through your sitemap so that you don't have to do the dirty work of copying post links. Click a post, choose an account and get sharing !


As bloggers, it's important to share your blog posts on social media often. Blogzzy will remind you periodically to share your posts. If you can spare a minute, you can share a blog post !


  • Quick & One Time Setup
  • Login with Twitter or Facebook*
  • Search all your posts
  • Pull to get latest posts
  • Tap and Share a Post
  • Preview Post before sharing
  • Multiple Sitemap Support^


* Twitter Login requires Twitter App to be installed on the phone.
^ Currently supported sitemaps include: Blogger (Google), and Self-Hosted WordPress. blogs with YOAST SEO Plugin. Other Sitemaps URLs are to be provided manually as they have a different structure from the ones mentioned here. While setup, you should choose the sitemap-post for your blog, the sitemap that contains the list of posts. Many plugins generate sitemaps for tags, comments, pages etc. This app works only with post sitemap. 

What it does ?

The idea behind Blogzzy was to reduce the effort of a blogger from copy pasting the links. All the websites you see today publish a Sitemap which usually has a list of all the pages, posts and media that exists on that website. Blogzzy goes through your Post Feed and shows up all the posts based on the sitemap. All you need to do now is to simply click the item and share it ! Saves a lot of time !

Why Blogzzy ?

I'm a FRIENDS fan. If you are too , you know Joey's friend was Hugsey. So a Blogger's best friend is Blogzzy ;)

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