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We know there might be a lot of questions in your mind regarding Blogzzy, so here's everything you want to know about Blogzzy.

How does Blogzzy work ?

Blogzzy is a smart application that helps your quickly share your blog posts on social media. Instead of your regular copy pasting of blog posts, Blogzzy does the dirty work for you so that you only click and share the posts. The core of the Blogzzy is a sitemap. Every website today has a sitemap, which is very important from SEO point of view. Sitemap is a file that is 'usually' found at This sitemap has a list of all the pages, posts and media which are present on So Blogzzy, crawls through the Post Sitemap file and gives you ready made links that you can share on Social Media.

Sample Sitemaps:

  • Blogger:
  • WordPress YOAST:
  • WordPress All-In-One SEO:

So is this a RSS Feed Reader ?

No. Blogzzy does access your sitemap but it isn't technically a RSS reader. This is different because it only accesses your Post Sitemap file - which contains all the posts that you've ever posted on your blog. It crawls that file only and returns the list of posts.

What Blogs / Website does Blogzzy support ?

As of now Blogzzy supports Blogger (Google's Blogspot), blogs, Self Hosted WordPress Blogs with Yoast SEO plugin activated. Apart from these, any website that has a post sitemap can be crawled by Blogzzy. 

My self hosted blog uses All in One SEO Plugin ? Will Blogzzy work ?

Yes ! Any website that has a sitemap, Blogzzy will work. However with All in One SEO Plugin, the sitemap files generated are different. The post sitemaps are generated in parts. Eg.: So if there are multiple sitemap files, Blogzzy cannot take care of them (at this point of time)

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