Covid Tracker - Corona Virus Tracker

Of all things you get to choose in life, you don’t get to choose your nightmares. You don’t pick them, they pick you. How apt is this quote by John Irving. We always dream of getting the best but never about the worst that could happen. 

Corona Virus is one such thing the never dreamt of. The entire world is under reeling with the pandemic and most of the countries are put under lock down. With these many measures in place, we are presenting to you an app that will help you track corona virus cases.

Covid Tracker - Corona Virus Tracker

Covid Tracker is an app that shares the details about the spread of Corona Virus. The simple app is light weight and works on any Android phone with versions Lollipop and above. Below are the salient features of the app.

  • Simple and Lightweight
  • Near Real-Time Corona Virus Status Updates
  • View status for the World and India
  • Share the details on Social Media

The data source for the Covid Tracker Corona Virus Tracker Android app is from here: and we are in no way responsible for the data reflected here. Covid Tracker is an app that makes it easy for viewers to view the Corona Virus status on their Android phones without visiting the website. The App doesn't collect any personal data and you can refer to our privacy policy here for more detials.

Note: Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Google Play store services are disrupted. The app was reviewed and suspended by Google Play for violating Sensitive Events Developer Policy. We abide by that and won't appeal for the suspension. The app doesn't harm anyone or is insensitive to the pandemic. It's just providing the Corona Virus Data.

Hence we are providing a direct download link for the apk. The link is absolutely safe to use and has been scanned for security. Also the Rate App feature will not work till the Google Play Store services are resumed.

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