Cue Tweet for Twitter

Do you know what is the major challenge faced by content creators? Their biggest worry is to come up with good content regularly. Writer's block or creative block is a major hurdle and coming out of it isn't easy. And to help you to get back on track with writing, I am presenting Cue Tweet for Twitter - the cue to keep you going.

Whenever I hit a creative block or a writer's block, I often dig into my hard disk for old photos to look for some stories or content. Most other people whom I've spoken to use cues like music, talking to people, traveling, and much more. The cues that you use to overcome writer's block depend solely on you.

Images are a great way to kindle thoughts, they are the Butter Chicken for your brain. Images help your brain to get out of its comfort zone and let creativity flow. Keeping just that in mind, I came up with this app called Cue Tweet. It was out of a random discussion with my dad a few weeks ago, and I was convinced that this might be helpful to a lot of people, especially writers. And here it is!

What is Cue Tweet?

Cue Tweet is a simple app that is designed to provide you with cues to get back to writing. The current version of the app shows random images sourced from millions of users over the internet. Thanks to Unsplash for approving the app so that I could make this app public for all of you. 

How Cue Tweet Works?

Cue Tweet is currently available only for Twitter Users. If the app is liked, I might think to create it for a wider audience. Having understood what Cue Tweet is, here's all you need to know how Cue Tweet works
  1. Launch the app and log in with your Twitter Account
  2. On the home screen, you'll be presented with a random image.
  3. If the image doesn't give you any ideas, tap on it to get a new image. (Do note that we may restrict the number of times you can refresh images from time to time)
  4. Write whatever comes to your mind and Tweet!
  5. The tweet is shared with the entire world
  6. You can view all the #CueTweets from across the world in your timeline

The above video will tell you how it works, in case you need any assistance, feel free to connect with me :) Lastly, the app respects your privacy, if you want to understand what data we collect and what we do with it, please read our privacy policy.