CueTweet FAQ

CueTweet FAQ

We know you might have a lot of questions about CueTweet, let's answer them here. 

What is CueTweet?

CueTweet is an image cue(prompt) based Android app that brings millions of images to your smartphone which act as a cue to get you to write creatively. In its current form, CueTweet is restricted to users with Twitter accounts only. 

How to use CueTweet?

Cue Tweet brings to you millions of random images that give you the cue to keep you going. Here's how Cue Tweet works:

  1. By default, you are presented with an image, if you wish to get a new image, tap on it. However, from time to time we may limit the number of times you can refresh the image
  2. Tap the tweet button and let your tweet reach millions across the globe.
  3. With every #CueTweet your count increases which you can view under your Timeline section of the app.

Can I get a new image if I don't like what I saw?

Absolutely, simply tap on the current image to get a new one. However, we may limit your ability to refresh images up to a certain number per day.

Where do you get the images from? Will there be any copyright issues if these images are shared?

We get the images from Unsplash. CueTweet is an approved app by Unsplash to use their images. Through the app, you are free to get new images and share them on Twitter.

What is your Timeline?

The timeline section of CueTweet shows you the number of tweets you've sent using the app. The more you tweet, the better writer you become :) In the timeline below you will see all the tweets that have been shared by people across the world using CueTweet.

Can I turn off reminders?

Yes, you can. Head to Settings to turn off reminders. However, we recommend you to keep them turned on as the reminders will help you be consistent with writing and using Twitter at the same time :)

What user data does your app collect?

All our apps collect only the data is required to run the application smoothly. No user data except your username is collected or stored. Please refer to our privacy policy.

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