Mileage Calculator FAQ

Below are the list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Mileage Calculator App.

How does the App calculate the Mileage ?
The app follows the "Full Tank" way of calculating Mileage. So if you tend to fill up your tank full every time, this app will give the correct results. However if you tend to do other wise, then this app will provide erroneous results.
Here are a few links to help you with the "Full Tank" way of calculating Mileage.

App gives correct reading at first but gives wrong values while saving ? Why ?
Here's what you need to know.
  1. The App simply calculates the mileage and provides the result when on the main screen.
  2. While saving it checks for previously saved values and manipulates the calculation accordingly. This happens only after the user agrees to save based on the previous values !
Why does it even look at the previous reading while saving details ? Well, Let's assume you filled your vehicle to full tank - say 5 Liters - on 20 October when the odometer reading was 34000. You next filled up with full tank on 1st November when the odometer reading was 35000. So when you will calculate the mileage of your vehicle on 1st November, you will take into account the quantity of fuel (5L in this case) that was filled on 20 Oct and then see how much your vehicle traveled since the last fill up. And hence the readings and calculations change based on your last fill up while you save. If you don't want to keep a track of mileage, you can simply decline to calculate mileage without using old values.