Mileage Calculator

Mileage Calculator is a simple and handy tool that helps you calculate the Mileage of your vehicle. This light weight application is quick and does exactly what it says
Mileage Calculator v2.6

Latest Update - February 04, 2017

[Ver. 2.6] - Feature Addition & Minor Bug Fixes

  • Attach Fuel Receipts - Use your camera to click and attach fuel receipts to fuel entries *
  • Export Fuel Receipts - Quickly Zip and Share you fuel receipts *
  • Edit Details - allows you to edit the details after adding
  • Improved UI and fixed minor bugs
  • Added About Page
  • Updated Privacy Policy
  • Reduced App size (a little)
*For Capturing and Storing fuel receipts, the app requires CAMERA and STORAGE - READ / WRITE permissions. For details on the updated privacy policy click here.


  • Calculate the Mileage of your vehicle
  • Know your vehicle's "Cost per Kilometer/Mile" the app will tell you how much you are spending on your vehicle for every kilometer / mile you travel.
  • Ability to feed odometer readings in Miles and Kilometers - currently supports Miles and Kilometers
  • Ability to feed Fuel Quantity in Liters and Gallons - currently supports Liters and Gallons
  • Ability to choose currency from INR, USD and EUR - currently supports INR, USD, EUR
  • Move to SD enabled - Move to SD card is enabled so that you can move this app to your SD card and save up some space !
  • Smart Graphs - see your vehicle's and your pocket's performance
  • Save / View and Delete readings
  • Share the app
  • Rate on Play Store
  • Dynamic Help Content

Track your vehicle's mileage
Track your vehicle's mileage
The application works on any smart-phone running on Android™  version 4.1 and above.
Weekly Notifications
The app also gives you an option to see how much you have been spending on your fuel on a weekly basis through a nice notification. You can disable this anytime you want.

   So head to the Play Store and download the application today ! And for any queries and issues , suggestions feel free to contact !

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