The Math Game - FAQ

So you are unable to get your way through The Math Game ? Well, you have landed at the right place ! We try to answer all the questions that would have crossed your mind while playing the game.

What is this game ?

The Math Game is a simple maths based game that checks how good you are with numbers. The game generates unlimited combinations of numbers to help you get better with numbers. The initial release deals with only simple arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiple and divide). We certainly have a lot of things planned for the future releases !

What is the Time Trial Mode ?

The game's first release provides with only one game mode which is Time Trial. The mode is very interactive and highly addictive. You start the game with 30 seconds on the timer. The timer (on the top most left corner) keeps counting down. You score +2 seconds for every correct answer and lose -1 second for every wrong answer.

How is the scoring done ?

The Math Game has a very simple way of scoring. You earn 1 point for every correct answer. There is no negative marking whatsoever (Yaay !) Also the game give you Combos for consecutive correct answers. By default you start with a combo of 1. For every consecutive correct answer, the combo increases by 1 up to a maximum of 5. This combo is multiplied to your score based on your answer.

I see an option to get Surprise Points ? How this works ?

Yes, after you've completed a game. You are shown with an option to score Surprise Points. You have to do a simple thing - watch a video. Yes, for every video you watch, we add some surprise point for the good karma you did ! So keep playing and watch videos to score more !

What is the Math Board ?

Good Question ! The Math Board is the leader board of The Math Game. After the completion of every game, your scores are calculated. If you have achieved your career-best high score, then this score will be submitted to the leader board where you can see how you rank with players from around the world ! The game uses Google Play Game Services in order to show the leader board. If you don't want to use it, you can decline to login when asked.